About Ataari Rooftop

Ataari is a great rooftop bar in Jaipur which offers multiple choices of dining, entertainment & nightlife with awesome services. This long run restaurant is popular for offering daily buffets with free-stream beers continually drawing the group here. There is also Smoking grills & buffet line, which has an extensive yard having a gigantic white screen for film screenings or unimaginable perceptions to go with the DJ tunes. There is also a bar having various seating alternatives, serenely cushioned seats and tables over the rooftop edge. The restaurant will influence you to understand that you have an awesome eating alternative.

It offers a huge number of options including diversion, great food, an extraordinary vibe and lots more. Visit this place to discover what you appreciate the most.

This rooftop bar is well at cost and an extraordinary place to hang out with friends.

Amenities & Services

Free Wi Fi Vallet Parking Large plasma display unit
Dining Bar Smoking zone
Capacity (100 Pax) UPS Backup

Current Offers